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Liste de livres pour mamans recommandés

Recommandation # 1

LIEDLOFF, Jean. Le concept du continuum: À la recherche du bonheur perdu


La liste d’excellents livres recommandés pour mamans maternantes


Liens affiliés:


CHICOINE, Jean-François et COLLARD, Nathalie. Le Bébé et l’eau du bain: comment la garderie change la vie de vos enfants, Québec Amérique, 513 pages.


RIVEST, Claudette. L’épreuve de l’abandon et l’état d’insécurité affective:


SMALL, Meredith F. Our Babies, Ourselves: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Parent, Anchor Books, 1998, 292 pages.

“Human infants long ago must have also been carried all the time; they probably slept with their mothers and fed frequently during the day and night. In fact, during 99% percent of human history this was surely the pattern of infant eating, sleeping, and contact. The current pattern in some cultures of long intervals between feeding, no night feeding, and supplementation of mother’s milk with other species’ milk or artificial milk is very recent for the human species. (…) In all cases, this hominid blueprint of the way babies were fed for 99% of human history indicates breast milk as the primary or sole food until two years of age or so, and nursing commonly continuing for several more years. “


SEARS, William, M.D. Nighttime Parenting: How to Get Your Baby and Child to Sleep, Plume, 1999, p. 81-89 en particulier, 200 pages.


KONNER, Melvin. The Evolution of Childhood, First Belknap Press of Harvard University ress, 2011, 943 pages.

“In 112 non-industrial societies there is a normal distribution of weaning age; 83% percent weened at age two or later, 51 percent at two and a half or later, and 35 percent at three or later.”


MCKENNA, James J., Ph.D. Sleeping With Your Baby, A Parent’s Guide to Cosleeping, Platypus Media, 2012, 133 pages.


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